When the House GOP released its secret memo Feb. 2 crafted by House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), it was only a matter of time for Democrats to write their own memo refuting Republicans. Showing that the House inquiry into alleged Russian meddling and Trump Russian collusion in the 2016 election has deteriorated into a partisan food fight, whatever the Democrats’ rebuttal is purely an attempt to refute the GOP’s contentions. House Democrats led by House intelligence Committee Co-Chairma Adam Schiff (D-Calif,) are suddenly defending the FBI now that they’re investigating President Donald Trump. When reacting harshly to the former FBI Director James Comey when he reopened former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email investigation Oct. 31, 2016, Democrats’ blamed Comey for sabotaging Hillary’s campaign.

Hillary blamed Comey and the FBI for wrecking her campaign only 11 days before the election in her best selling book, “What Happened.” Yet now that Special Counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller is investigating Trump’s alleged Russian ties, the FBI can do no wrong. GOP’s Feb. 2 memo identifies undeniable bias inside the FBI against Trump. Recently released text messages between Deputy FBI Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok and his girl friend FBI Attorney Lisa Page express their horror at the prospects of a Trump presidency. Mueller was forced to remove Strzok and Page from his Special Counsel team last summer, once the text message surfaced. GOP’s secret memo fingers the FBI not only for bias against Trump but for inappropriate use the nation’s intelligence apparatus for the purpose of upending Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump told Schiff and Democrats on the House Intelligence committee to work with the Justice Department to redact portions that compromise U.S. national security methods and sources. Schiff immediately cried foul, insisting Trump loathed the contents of Democrats’ rebuttal because it gets out the truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth. When you consider the Democratic paper was not a memo at all but a carefully crafted rebuttal piece to the GOP’s actual memo, it shows the extent to which the press has become rabidly partisan. GOP’s Feb. 2 memo was intended to expose Democrats’ attempt to smear Trump by fingering minor foreign policy volunteer Cater Page as a double agent. Democrats are quick to point out that Page was already in the FBI’s radar for his consulting work for the Kremlin in 2013. Most reports about Page now indicate he did nothing wrong.

When you consider former Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch and National Security Adviser Susan Rice asked the FBI to get a warrant to wiretap Page in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA] Court based largely on Hillary’s opposition research AKA “the dossier,” it makes you think the order must have come from former President Barack Obama. Nunes wasn’t concerned about rebutting Democrats’ speculation about Trump serving the Kremlin, he wanted to get out the facts about a scandal far more egregious than Watergate. Nunes didn’t put the memo out to discredit the FBI, he went public to put the facts on the table. Democrats put their own memo out for one purpose: To discredit the GOP memo. Trump’s decision to hold off on the Democrats’ memo speaks volumes about the clumsy Democrat rebuttal to discredit the GOP’s memo showing the FBI crossed the line.

While Schiff blames Trump for withholding Democrats’ rebuttal, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Atty. Gen Rod Rosenstein objected to the Democrats’ rebuttal document. White House Counsel Don McGahn told Schiff that their rebuttal paper needed vetting by the FBI and Justice Department before releasing it to the public. But the real issue concerning Democrats’ rebuttal has to do with simply creating a document to refute the contents of the GOP’s memo. Nunes’s secret memo didn’t come close to exposing the full extent of the Obama Justice Department and National Security Agency in “unmasking” Trump campaign associates for one purpose: To help Hillary win the 2016 presidential election by scaring voters that Trump was compromised by the Russians. That was, after all, Hillary sales job during the last debate and closing days of the campaign.

Democrats’ rebuttal to the GOP’s secret memo tries to cast doubt the FBI and Obama Justice Department’s misconduct in wiretapping Trump campaign officials. It’s difficult for Democrats and the liberal press to deny that they want feverishly to prove that Trump colluded with the Kremlin to win the election. Yet with Hillary winning nearly 3 million more popular votes, it’s an illogical argument. Democrats in proving Trump’s Russian collusion put everything Mueller does on a pedestal, dismissing texts inside the FBI proving bias against Trump. Democrats desperately want to prove Trump’s Russian collusion to keep hopes alive in the Midterm elections to retake the House and Senate. Democrats don’t care whether or not former President Barack Obama, his Atty. General and National Security Adviser wiretapped Trump officials to sabotage his campaign.