Adding insult to injury in the tabloid gossip book “Fire and Fury,” giving the inside dirt on the Trump White House, 64-year-old author Michael Wolff blamed 71-year-old Donald Trump for all the leaks coming from the White House. Wolff’s main source of dirt, 66-year-old former Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, was fired today by Breitbart News for ratting out Trump. Wolff exploited Bannon after he was fired by Trump Aug. 19. 2017 for feeding the anti-Trump news media all the tidbits they wanted. Wolff takes no responsibility for conning Bannon into divulging the deepest, darkest secrets of the Trump White House, despite the fact that Bannon was always on the outs, especially with Trump’s inner circle, including daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. When the key donor Rebekah Mercer to Breitbart News threatened to pull the funding, Bannon was out.

Wolff takes zero responsibility for essentially destroying Bannon’s political career, though he was certainly a willing participant. There’s little doubt that the driving force behind Bannon’s egregious betrayal was his anger over getting fired. Once former Republican National Committee [RNC] Chairman Reince Priebus lost his job as Trump’s Chief of Staff July 28, 2017, it took only two weeks for his replacement Gen. John Kelly to finger Bannon as the source of White House leaks. Wolff wants to blame Trump for White House leaks but knows that Bannon sang like a canary to press from the day to became Trump’s executive director Aug. 17, 2016. Trump was baffled for some time about the major source of White House leaks before Kelly found Bannon the culprit.. Blaming Trump for his own leaks plays, Wolff hides his treachery, blowing smoke anti-Trump mainstream media.

For some unknown reason, Wolff wandered freely around the West Wing for months, granted enough access under the false pretense that he was working on a positive book on Trump. No one knew that he was brewing a tabloid tell-all book designed to sabotage the Trump presidency. “Many of the leaks that he would come out and rail against started because [Trump] gets on the phone at night with his coterie of friends and billionaires, and motor-mouths,” said Wolff, providing cover for Bannon and other leakers in the West Wing. Now that Bannon’s been fired by Breitbart News, he can.t cover up his role in Wolff’s book. Wolff wants the public to believe that Bannon had little to do with the ugly dirt that appears in his book, making Trump look crazy, the White House look chaotic and casting himself as the hero sounding the fire alarm before Washington burns.

Bannon readily sang like a canary to Wolff, denouncing Trump’s family for what he called “treasonous” conduct, especially with regard to the infamous June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian attorney Valerie Neselnitskaya. “Then they call other people to say, ‘Oh my God, this is what they said.’ And then those people call other people. And suddenly you have leaked . . . This all Donald Trump,” said Wolff, conveniently covering up his sources. Bannon already apologized to Trump yesterday for the most egregious disloyalty imaginable for ratting the Trump family out on practically everything. Wolff showed he’s a skilled con artist blaming the president, rather than admitting that Bannon was his major source of dirt on the Trump family. Bannon couldn’t contain his ire after getting canned Aug. 19. Wolff has been turned into a folk hero by the anti-Trump media, touting his tabloid gossip book as proof of Trump’s incompetence and mental instability.

Mainstream press can’t stop touting Wolff’s book as evidence of dysfunction in the Trump White House. Wolff makes no bones of his bias against Trump, serving as a lightening rod in the anti-Trump media. Wolf’s book feeds into the remove-Trump-from-office crowd seeking to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. Making frequent references to Trump’s disturbed personality, Wolff goes overboard insisting that the 45th president isn’t fit for office. Worlf’s book is so filled with gossip, innuendo and rumors, it meets only the media’s obsession with discrediting Trump. Seeing his mission as removing Trump from office, Wolff thinks he’s performing heroic duty, raking in more cash than anytime in his career. Wolff wants readers to think that he’s corroborated all the gossip, innuendo and rumors making up the core of his book denouncing Trump.

Blaming Trump for all the White House leaks takes Wolff off the hot seat for essentially duping White House employees while he snuck around asking for unofficial or off-the-record interviews. Viewed as a kind of historian by naive White House staff, Wolff was a confederate collecting as much dirt as possible for his tabloid book. Wolff wants to give Bannon some cover now that he’s wrecked his political career. Whether admitted to or not, Wolff had one mission in mind to sell books, doing nothing for the public good. Catching Bannon in a breakdown or, as Trump said after he “lost his mind,” gave Wolff plenty of unverified nonsense to write about. There’s a big enough anti-Trump audience in the press and public for Wolff to sell a lot of books, regardless of its fabrications and distortions. Wolf destroyed Bannon’s career, now its time to see whether he’s destroyed his own.