Seeking only to validate wild statements from Michael Wolff’s Jan.5 tabloid book “Fire and Fury,” about the inner dirt of the Trump White House, CNN’s Jake Tapper abruptly ended his segment with Senior Adviser Stephen Miller. Unwilling to take the push back, Tapper had no patience for Miller looking to validate more dirt on 71-year-old President Donald Trump. CNN’s been covering Wolff’s book 24/7, jumping on the contention that Trump’s mentally unfit for president. When Miller called Wolff’s book “garbage,” Tapper had enough. “I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time,” said Tapper, meaning that his audience only wants to hear more dirt of Trump, certainly nothing exculpatory delivered by Miller. CNN boasts about presenting the news in an unbiased way, often slapping its chief rival Fox News for right wing bias favoring the Trump White House.

Tapper’s impatience with Miller shows that if he’s not preaching to the choir, namely, CNN’s anti-Trump audience, he wants no part of alternative views. Miller pushed back at Tapper’s thesis, trying his utmost to validate Wolff’s book. “The book is best understood as a work of very poorly written fiction,” Miller told Tapper. “And I also will say, the author is a garbage author of a garbage book,” not telling Jake what he wanted to hear. Tapper wants only corroboration of Wollf’s view, talking about Trump’s infantile personality, unsuitable for president. Giving Trump-bashers whatever time they want, Tapper has no problem advancing CNN’s agenda seeking to get Trump out of office, or, at the very least, help Democrats take control of the House an Senate during the 2018 Midterm elections. Tapper highlights the feud between former Trump strategist Stephen Bannon and Trump.

Telling MSNBC Sunday he regretted ripping Trump to Wolff, Bannon proved the most disloyal of all of Trump’s campaign and White House team. It took Trump’s new Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, who replaced former Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus July 31, 2017, only two weeks to determine that Bannon was leaking to the press. Abruptly fired Aug. 19, Bannon’s been on the warpath ever since, despite insisting he supports Trump’s agenda. Apologizing today about his involvement in Wollf’s sensational book, Bannon tried his hand at damage control, an hour-late-and-dollar short. Already the top best seller, it shows how anti-Trump networks like CNN and MSNBC exploit any unverified attack on the White House. Tapper couldn’t control Miller who vociferously put Wolff’s book in perspective: A pack to tabloid lies about Trump’s White House.

Making the rounds on most national TV-talk shows, Wolff is readily accepted on the Trump-bashing cable and TV networks, looking for any and all dirt on the 45th president. No one in CNN’s news line up, from hosts to pundits, gives Trump credit for anything. Confirming Harvard’s May 17, 2017 study on media bias, CNN reports 93% of negative news on Trump. Judging by how Tapper treated Miller, it’s closer to 100% negative new against the president. CNN’s news hosts have covered partisan Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee’s spurious diagnosis and warnings about Trump. Lee considers Trump’s tweeting proof that he’s unhinged, rather that seeing the obvious, that he can’t get his word out any other way. No, Jake Tapper and the rest of CNN’s hosts have plenty of time to report on Trump’s lack of fitness for duty, arguing almost daily he should be removed under the 25th Amendment.

Speaking to the BBC today, British Prime Minister Theresa May was asked whether or not Trump was mentally unstable. May said she saw nothing wrong with Trump’s mental makeup, despite partisan psychiatrists like Lee violating every ethical principle imaginable diagnosing public figures. Asked the same question today on MSNBC, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he saw no problems with Trump’s mental health. Yet Wolff’s book finds Trump too infantile to be trusted with the U.S. nuclear codes, repeating former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failed arguments in the 2016 campaign and presidential debates. Writing a 100% disparaging tome about Trump excited the liberal press, giving Wolff as much air-and-print time as he wants. Slamming Trump, with the help of Bannon, was the easiest way to sell books, regardless of distortions and hyperbole..

Tapper’s abrupt cut-off of Trump adviser Stephen Miller shows that CNN doesn’t let anyone get in the way of its anti-Trump agenda. Tapper shows himself again as a pawn to the anti-Trump media, largely driven by Democratic operatives hoping for better results in the Midterm elections. Watching Wolff preach to the anti-Trump choir, reinforces the dismal reality that today’s news media is bought-and-paid by the Democratic Party. Wolff’s book created a feeding frenzy, hoping the same wild speculation about Trump’s ties to Moscow gets picked up by the anti-Trump media. Tapper’s inability to deal with push back about Wolff’s book shows that CNN will stop at nothing to discredit and get rid of Trump. Cutting off Miller shows that only one thing counts to CNN: Finding anyone willing to denounce the president, helping Democrats chances in 2018.