With Special Counsel Robert Mueller unable to find impeachable offenses on 71-year-old President Donald Trump, the liberal press has jumped on a new bandwagon, claiming the president is mentally unfit for office. Bolstered by anti-Trump Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee, partisan Democrats met with Lee to conclude Trump is mentally unfit for duty and must be removed from office under the 25th Amendment. Called “disgraceful and laughable” by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the same partisan mental health arguments are made in Michael Wolff’s new tabloid book “Fire and Fury,” released today on It’s one thing for National Enquirer-type journalist like Wolff to make specious claims, yet another for a licensed psychiatrist forbidden by the American Psychiatric Assn. to diagnose public figures for political purposes.

Dr. Lee leads a group of partisan mental health practitioners, committed to one thing: Getting Trump out of office. Lee often makes the argument that Trump’s going to get the U.S. into a nuclear war with North Korea, making provocative statements against dictator Kim Jong-un. What Lee forgets from her “reasoned” judgment is that it’s Kim, not Trump, threatening the U.S. with nuclear war. It’s Kim that’s testing long-range ballistic missiles and nukes. It’s North Korea’s Foreign Minister speaking for the dictator that said Sept. 23 it’s “inevitable.” North Korean missiles will hit the U.S. homeland. Meeting with anti-Trump Democrats in Congress, Lee held court for two days Dec. 5-6, 2017, preaching to the anti-Trump choir that he’s nearing a breakdown, in the most disgraceful, unprofessional conduct imaginable by a licensed mental health professional, having never examined Trump personally.

Now former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon makes similar claims in Wolff’s new book, becoming an instant Amazon bestseller on Day One. “If he was unfit, he probably wouldn’t be sitting there, wouldn’t have defeated the most qualified group of candidates the Republican Party has ever seen,” said Sanders, silencing renegade psychiatrists and members of Congress desperate to get rid of Trump. When you consider Trump crisscrossed the country, often delivering up to three speeches a day, while, participating in presidential debates, no one with a serious mental health problem could endure that stress. Voters disagreed with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the liberal media often making the case that that Trump was unhinged, too unstable to be given the “nuclear codes.” Yet the phony chorus of mental health professionals and politicians keep squawking.

Psychiatrists that violate the Goldwater Rule, prohibiting mental health professional from diagnosing on public figures, should be sanctioned, if not stripped of medial licenses. Wild speculation about Trump’s mental health has been going on since it became clear he’d win the Republican nomination. Former GOP candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, made those arguments repeatedly until he was blown out of the campaign after the March 15, 2016 Florida primary. Trump tweeted that Steve Bannon has “lost his mind,” collaborating with Wolff on his spurious tell-all book. Neither Wolff nor Bannon care about the facts, only selling books, something happening at a stiff clip. Since Bannon was fired Aug. 19. 2017, he’s been on the warpath trying to sabotage Trump. Once former RNC Chairman Reince was replaced by Gen. John Kelly as Chief of Staff July 20, 2017, he determined that the source of White House leaks was Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Bannon’s egregious disloyalty to Trump shows what happens when you hire nefarious individuals without serious track records. Editing the Internet right wing Website Breitbart News, Bannon was the exact wrong guy to bring into Trump’s campaign. Coming from tabloid journalism, it’s all about gossip, innuendo and rumors spread by anonymous sources to the press. Bannon had his relationships with reporters, a dangerous threat to any campaign or White House trying to control leaks. Trump campaign and White House leaked constantly until Bannon was tossed out. “Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency,” said Trump “When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind,” referring to Bannon-the-leaker but also Bannon the vindictive ex-employee. Bannon went postal after getting fired, looking for any way to retaliate against Trump.

Questions of Trump’s mental fitness have been raised by his GOP opponents and Hillary during and after the campaign. Now that Mueller’s probe hasn’t turned up an impeachable offense, anti-Trump members of the media look desperately for any way to get him out from office, including the 25th Amendment. Mental health experts like Yale’s Dr. Lee disgrace her profession hazarding highly partisan wild speculation about Trump’s mental health. “More evidence we’re watching an American president psychologically, emotionally and cognitively decompose,” said Peter Wehrner, ripping Trump for engaging in public spats with Kim Jong-un. Trump’s recent comments about a nuclear “button,” were in direct response to more nuclear threats by the North Korean dictator. Whether or not you like Trump’s style or politics, that’s no reason question his mental health.