Since the shock of her lifetime Nov. 8, 2016, 70-year-old former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been de-legitimizing 71-year-old President Donald Trump’ s victory, blaming everyone but herself in her book, “What Happened.” Hillary’s blamed former FBI Director James Comey for reopening her email investigation only 10 days before the election. She’s blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for having a vendetta against her. She’s blamed the Electoral College. She’s blamed the notorious “right wing conspiracy,” the same folks she blamed for her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. She blamed her former rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for splitting the Democratic Party, handing the election to Trump. Never does Hillary blame herself for having too much baggage or running a bad campaign. Hillary has plenty of followers in the press that think the same way.

All the while, Hillary can’t explain why, if the Russians helped Trump, she won nearly 3 million more popular votes, asking folks to believe Putin only influenced voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida, the so-called battleground states. No one in the anti-Trump media questions how Putin or WikiLeaks only affected voters in swing states. Yet Hillary continues to peddle her nonsense in left wing circles, most recently telling Mother Jones that, “there are lost of questions about the legitimacy of the election.” Finally, Trump heard enough and responded on Twitter. “Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst [and biggest] loser of all time,” Trump tweeted, fed up with Hillary’s sour grapes since losing the election. After calling Trump a “Putin puppet” Oct. 19, 2016 debate in Las Vegas, Hillary asked Trump if he’d accept the outcome of the election, prompting condemnation.

Hillary accused Trump at the Oct. 19 debate of being anti-Democreatic, anti-Constitutional, not playing fairly, refusing to concede if he loses. After she lost Nov. 8, 2016, Hillary was the one that was unwilling to accept the outcome of the election, pushing her phony theories why she lost. “She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years,” Trump tweeted, fed up with her refusal to accept voters’ verdict. Complicit with Hillary’s sour grapes are the mainstream media that would stand on their head to see Trump impeached. Trump ran his campaign against the media, often reminding voters about egregious media bias and dishonesty. When Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center confirmed the extreme media bias against Trump May 17, the mainstream press barely covered the story.

Trump’s recent tweets are reported by the press as proof of Trump’s relentless anger toward Hillary and former President Barack Obama. “There are lots of questions about the legitimacy,” Hillary told Mother Jones. “And we don’t have a method for contesting that is our system. That’s why I’ve long advocated for an independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened,” said Hillary, continuing her sour grapes. Trump can’t let it go because the entire press swallows Hillary nonsense hook, line and sinker. Showing how Hillary manipulates the media, she railed at Republicans for seeking a Special Counsel to investigate the Uranium-One deal. “Taking myself out of it, this is such an abuse of power and it goes right to the rule of law.” Hillary had no problem with Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein appointing Special Counsel former FBI Director Rober Mueller May 17 to investigate Trump.

Hillary had no problem manipulating the Democratic National Committee with the help of former DNC Chairmwoman Debbie Wassserman-Schultz (D-Fl.) to sabotage the campaign of her rival Bernie Sanders. Hillary had no problem taking debate questions in advance from former interim DNC Chairman Donna Brazile to gain an unfair advantage on Trump in the debates. Yet Hillary says it’s an “abuse of power” to consider appointing a Special Counsel to finally look into an alleged pay-to-play scandal while she ran the State Department collecting millions of dollars for the now defunct Clinton Global Initiative. Before Trump took office Jan. 18, Bill and Hillary Clinton shut down the Clinton Global Initiative, fearing, as Trump promised in the campaign, to investigate the pay-to-play scandal.

As the Harvard Shorenstein study found, Trump has the deck stacked against him by the mainstream media. Hillary has free reign to contest the election anytime she wants, applauded by press to take swipes at Trump. Anyone in the Republican Party willing to attack Trump gets front-page headlines and as much air-time as needed on liberal radio and TV news shows. It drives Trump batty that the media—and Special Counsel Mueller—ignores Hillary destroying 13 cell phones with hammers and scrubbing 33,000 emails from her private server, most likely containing incriminating evidence about her pay-to-play scandal. Yet Hillary thinks its an “abuse of power” to consider appointing a Special Counsel for her. “There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING,” urging the Justice Department to act.