Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) confirmed yesterday that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton “rigged“ the 2016 Democrat primaries against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Emails released by WikiLeaks in July 2016 exposed former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of giving Hillary preferential treatment over Bernie, including advertising dollars not given to Bernie. Asked by CNN whether or not the DNC rigged the Democratic primaries against Bernie, Warren answered, “yes” One of President Donald Trump’s most vociferous critics in Congress, Warren isn’t inclined to throw Republicans a bone. Warren’s confession about the disservice done to Bernie parallels statements by 57-year-old Interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile, also confirming that Hillary controlled the DNC.

Since calling Trmp a “Putin puppet” in the Oct. 19 presidential debate in Las Vegas, the Democratic Party and Washington media have been consumed with establishing Trump’s alleged ties to the Kremlin. Appoint 73-year-old Special Counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate Trump May 17, the Russian connection has now been given context. Stemming from Hillary’s campaign to discredit Trump, Russian hysteria has swept Washington based originally on dubious opposition research. Hillary only recently admitted to Daily Show host Trevor Noah that her campaign paid for opposition research AKA “the dossier.” Hillary’s campaign officials denied that her campaign had anything to do with the so-called “dossier,” until she confessed to Noah Nov. 2 that her campaign did indeed fund Fusion-GPS, the research firm responsible for the “dossier.”

Given by former Hillary Campaign Chairman John D. Podesta in July 2016 to Sen. John McCain (R-Az.), one of Trump’s biggest GOP critics, McCain turned over Hillary’s “dossier” to former FBI Director James Comey. Comey used Hillary’s dossier to seek warrants from Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court {FISA[ to wiretap and spy on Trump campaign officials. Listening to Warren admit that Hillary manipulated the DNC to win the nomination shows the extent of Hillary corruption and dirty tricks in the 2016 election. Exposing Hillary’s covert manipulation of the DNC, Warren hopes to prevent Hillary from seeking political officer, or, more importantly, keeping Hillary from mucking around with the Democratic Party. Brazile’s tell-all book “Hacks,” talks about how Hillary took over the DNC in 2015, controlling personnel and purse-strings.

Brazile’s new book doesn’t confess, that while CNN pundit and interim DNC chairwoman, she gave Hillary questions in advance of her debates with Trump. Brazile confessed that Hillary’s campaign funded the DNC, supplying personnel-and-cash to give herself preferential treatment against Bernie. Hillary’s PR machine keeps the sympathetic press focused on Trump’s alleged collusion with the Kremlin. Yet when you consider she paid opposition researcher, former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, to dig up dirt from Russia on Trump, it makes you wonder who colluded with Russia. Hillary insisted in her book “What Happened,” that former FBI Director James Comey, the Russians and Bernie all conspired to sabotage 2016 election. She can’t explain why she collected nearly 3 million more votes than Trump with everything working against her.

Hillary stacked the deck before the Democratic primaries giving herself Wasserman-Schultz at the head of the DNC with super-delegates, making it impossible for Bernie to win the nomination. Before Warren spilled the beans about DNC corruption, Bernie said little about how Hillary orchestrated his primary defeat. “We recognize the process was rigged and now it’s up to Democrats to build a new process that really works and works for everyone,” said Warren. No one in the mainstream media confronts Hillary about her manipulation of the Democratic primaries, nor does the press question her about paying for the Russian-rich “dossier.” Warren’s admission about Hillary’s mischief at the DNC changes the media’s narrative about Hillary. When Brazile confessed that Hillary controlled the DNC’s purse-strings, the media doesn’t know how to respond.

Confronting the biased press on the 2016 election, Hillary can’t have it both ways: Blaming her loss on Trump’s collusion with Russia, while, at the same time, using operatives to dig up dirt on Trump with Russian contacts. Warren told the truth that Hillary manipulated the DNC to sabotage Bernie in the 2016 election. With Brazile caught red handed giving debate questions to Hillary in advance of debates, it clear that Trump’s nickname, “Crooked Hillary,” stuck with the public. Warren’s unexpected honesty shows that she doesn’t want Hillary running for public office or monkeying around with DNC in the future. Trump’s disbelief that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has no interest in looking into Hillary’s shenanigans shows the kind of bias against Trump. Warren reminds the Democratic Party—and GOP—that Hillary’s no victim of anyone but herself.