Mobbing 70-year-old President Donald Trump, Washington’s press finds daily scandals to circulate to the anti-Trump choir, looking for revenge for the billionaire real estate tycoon beating press darling former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Nov. 8, 2016. Trying, charging a convicting Trump in the press, Washington’s press builds its case against Trump on gossip, innuendo, rumors, tossing facts to the wind. Once the May. 9 firing of FBI Director began to fade, the press concocted the latest brouhaha, leaked by Comey himself, saying Trump tried to obstruct justice in the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn investigation. Without any facts, Democrats, sympathetic press and Trump-haters already charged Trump with high-crimes-and-misdemeanors, ready to launch impeachment proceedings. While no crimes have been committed, the press engages in wild speculation.

Former White House Communication Director, now 75-year-old CNN anti-Trump analyst, David Gergen insists Trump is looking at impeachment. “It looks like [Trump] was trying to impede the investigation,” said Gergen, not seeing any of Comey’s memos or examining any evidence about his face-to-face conversation Feb. 14 in the Oval Offcie. Widely reported that Trump asked Comey to end the investigation into Flynn, no one from any broadcast or print news outlet has seen Comey’s notes following the meeting. Reported that Comey discussed Trump’s comments with senior FBI management Feb. 14, the FBI did nothing at the time, not reporting the incident to members of Congress or anyone else. Leaking his memo to the press, less than a week after getting fired, the real motive is obvious: Payback. Comey mentioned nothing of Trump’s attempt to obstruct justice—until now.

While no one’s seen Comey’s notes yet, it looks like Trump might have said to Comey “he hoped the investigation would end soon because Flynn’s a great guy.” That’s far cry from pulling rank, twisting Comey’s arm to obstruct justice. Yet the Washington press has already rushed-to-judgment, ready to impeach Trump at the earliest possible time. “I think if you look at the three bombshells that we’ve had—the Comey firing, last week; then the sharing of this highly classified conversation with the Russians, of all people, and now Trump asking Comey to drop the case—we have a presidency that’s starting to fall apart,” said Gergen, misstating all the facts. Trump had every right to fire Comey for usurping the Department of Justice. National Security advisor H.R. McMaster disputed the idea that Trump shared anything classified with Russians. And there’s no proof of Trump obstructing justice.

Gergen morphed from former White House counselor to CNN’s go-to anti-Trump hack. Nothing that Gergen reports on Comey’s firing, Russian disclosures or obstruction of justice have any factual basis: It’s pure speculation. Without knowing the press’s sources or reviewing evidence, calling for impeachment, goes beyond a rush-to-judgment. Today’s media looks to mob Trump with endless conjecture built on wild speculation, leaping to outrageous conclusions. Ganging up on Trump is the press’s ultimate payback for Trump challenging the media during the campaign and his short presidency. When Trump won the election Nov. 8, 2016 voters rejected all major broadcast and print outlets that universally endorsed Hillary. Trump continued to call out the press for “fake news,” something the media denies. But when you look at recent press coverage over Comey’s firing, alleged classified breaches and yesterday’s obstruction charge, there zero exculpatory press coverage.

When Trump fired Comey, the press refused to cover Deputy Atty. Gen Rod Rosenstein’s three-page letter explaining in great detail why Comey was terminated. Washington’s press barely covered Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster’s press conference stating emphatically that Trump released no classified information to the Russians. No press coverage about the fact that no one in the press has seen Comey’s notes or why now, months after the Feb. 14 meeting, this leaks to the press. Anti-Trump members of Congress are more than willing to jump all over wild speculation to indict Trump. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Sen. Angus King (I-Vt.) whether the nation was “getting closer the possibility of yet another impeachment process.” “Reluctantly, Wolf, I have to say yes,” said King, rushing-to-judgment, leaping to conclusions without seeing any evidence or facts.

Framers of the Constitution worried about mob rule, building in minority rights, especially the notion of “innocence-until-proven-guilty.” Washington’s Press has broken every journalistic principle covering Trump, taking rumors, innuendo and gossip to new heights. Without charged with a crime, the media chooses only to report on wild conjecture about the Comey firing, classified breaches and obstruction charges. “Obstruction of justice in the case of Nixon, in the case of Clinton in the late 90s, has been considered an impeachable offense,” said Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fl.). Nixon and Clinton both committed crimes. No one has seen any evidence that Trump fired Comey illegally, divulged classified information or obstructed justice. Yet the press has charged, tried and convicted Trump without any due process, watching the Washington press act like an angry mob.