Since dropping out the Democratic presidential race July 12, 75-year-old Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called 70-year-old President Donald a liar for appointing Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Sanders called Trump out for picking Price, an outspoken opponent to Obamacare but also no friend of Medicare and Social Security. Before Bernie was sabotaged by Democratic nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in collusion with former Democratic National Committee Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fl.), he urged the Democratic party to adopt his plan of Medicare-for-all, a true single-payer national health care system. Whatever the problems with Obamacare, Bernie urged Hillary to return to single-payer, something she refused to do, preferring instead to build on Obamacare, something Trump seeks to repeal-and-replace.

Bernie’s passion for national health care holds Trump’s feet to the fire promising during the campaign to not touch Medicaid, Medicare of Social Security. Sanders sees Price’s appointment a proof Trump really wants to mess with the nation’s most popular entitlement programs. “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare of Medicaid,” Trump tweeted May 7, 2016, distinguishing himself from other Republicans. Since taking office Jan. 20, Sanders has been on a warpath against Trump’s Cabinet picks, especially Price and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. “No, the point is Trump didn’t just say this in passing, this was a cornerstone of this campaign. He said it over and over and over again,” said Bernie, concerned that by appointing Price, Trump was reneging on his promise not touch Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Sanders has problems with everything Trump does and says since becoming president. Since WikiLeaks revealed July 22, 2016 that his campaign was sabotaged by the DNC under Hillary’s away, Bernie threw his support to the Clinton campaign. Many of Bernie’s supporters were not as kind to Hillary, refusing to back her in the general election against Trump. Bernie’s supporters have been making noise about sponsoring him to start the new “Justice” or “Progressive” Party built on his Democratic socialism, providing free tuition to state colleges and single-payer health care to all citizens. Bernie’s supporters are so zealous, so unrealistic, they’re ready to support a 79-year-old candidate in 2020, if he’s still alive. “Either Donald Trump simply lied to the elderly and the working people of this country and just made campaign promises . . .” Sanders held Trump’s feet to the fire.

Sander’s prominence as the Democratic Party’s conscience or elder statesman is contrasted with Hillary falling off the map since losing the presidency. Unlike Sanders who’s been adopted by the liberal electorate as their spokesman, Hillary showed her real intent was not a progressive revolution but just winning the White House. Once that crashed-and-burned Nov. 8,2016 she’s taken a backseat to Sanders. Hillary knows what she and Wasserman-Schultz did during the campaign to sabotage Bernie. Wasserman-Schultz wouldn’t have resigned in disgrace July 24, 2016 unless there was something so egregious in the DNC and Hillary campaign. When you consider the amount of collusion with the Hillary campaign, the DNC and the mainstream media, it’s no wonder Sanders supporters couldn’t get behind Hillary. Sanders never addressed the DNC-Hillary collusion.

Sanders finds it more convenient to attack Trump than face undeniable corruption inside the DNC and Hillary campaign. Blaming Trump for everything raises Sanders profile in the Democratic Party but doesn’t address what went wrong in the 2016 Democratic primaries. When Wasserman-Schultz stepped down, she was replaced with 57-year-old long-time Democratic operative Donna Brazile. Like Wasserman-Schultz, Brazile was exposed by WikiLeaks Oct. 31, 2016 of giving Hillary debate questions in advance of national debates. While Brazile tried to deny the allegations, the charges were so reprehensible, both for Brazile and Hillary, it spoke volumes about the extent of DNC corruption in the 2016 campaign. Sanders likes to call Trump a “liar” but conveniently ignores Brazile who’s busy working to pick the next DNC chairman, pushing for Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mn.).

Sanders has every right to oppose Trump’s economic and foreign policy but detracts from his credibility when he calls the president a “liar” for holding different opinions on public policy. Slamming Trump while giving the DNC and Hillary a pass shows the extent of Bernie’s partisan ways, showing the same kind of “hypocrisy” he reserves only for Trump. Today’s anti-Trump media loves to use politicians like Sanders and Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) to rip Trump. Expecting attacks from Sanders, the media especially likes the fact that McCain is more than willing to slam Trump on an instant’s notice. “Clearly, we have a President who does not understand what our Constitution is about, what democracy is about. And I think there is a fear in this country of this nation under Trump moving into a more authoritarian mode,” said Sanders, whipping up more hysteria attacking the president.